Peak Daniel Hiking Highlights

A quick tour to the peak Daniel in Lermoos / Austria. At 2340 meters, the Daniel is the highest peak in the Ammergau Alps. When you look back as you hike to the Daniel, you can see 3 of 7 towns of the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena Ehrwald, Lermoos and partially Biberwier.

You can also enjoy spectacular views of the many mountain ranges in the surrounding area, including the region’s tallest mountain Zugspitze and the Mieminger mountains.

The tour itself technically is not difficult, but sure-footedness and good physical condition necessary. You have the opportunity to take a break in alpine hut Tuftlalm with an impressive viewing platform at 1496m.

It is recommended that you start the Tour early morning and take a break in Tuftlalm while descending, rather than ascending. They close usually at 17:00 pm. The starting point of the Tour is accessible with public transport: Lermoos Bahnhof.

  • Mountain Rescue Austria: 140
  • European Emergency Call: 112
  • Mountain Rescue Emergency: App
  • Alpine Distress Signal: Instructions
  • RECCO Outdoor Rescue: Reflector

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